We capture the essence of your school in stunning images of the children at work and play.  The photos can be used for new prospectus, wall displays or throughout your website.

The Focus team will use high quality fittings to secure the photos of your choice to walls and create attractive displays throughout the school.  Feedback from parents and staff is always very positive, leading to an inclusive feel to the environment.

We work with a very experienced graphic designer to build bespoke prospectuses to exactly match your brief.

We always meet with the Headteacher or representative to gain an insight into the school and what aspects we need to highlight with the photography.

A school photoshoot takes one and a half days.  We begin as the children arrive in school and finish as the children go home.  We include after school clubs and lunchtime activities.

After the first full day’s photoshoot, we upload approximately 150 draft images to the school.  We have usually captured around 70% of what is required and the school will then advise on areas which need to be covered on the second half day visit.

After the second photoshoot, we upload a further 40+ images.  The school then makes their choice of 50 images.

We then digitally enhance the images (correcting exposure, removing unwanted items etc) to ensure that the final 50 images are of excellent quality.  They are then uploaded to the school.


A full photo-shoot at a primary school (one and a half days) costs £500 for 50 images.

A full secondary school photo-shoot (2 full days) costs £600 for 50 images.

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